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Monday, February 14, 2005

A Full Heart

What a wonderful Valentine's Day!
My dear husband remembered and brought me coffee in bed as well as a gift-wrapped truffle dish of fudge! Yum!

The children awoke to gift bags on the table containing secret little gifts.
Even the 17 year old was give candy and a container of beef jerky sticks. I just cannot NOT give him something. He's forever my baby boy. : )

We made heart-shaped cookies today. While blending the sugar, butter and eggs together Chels told me, "This is just like the old days, huh, Momma? Baking from scratch. I just love it!"

This was followed by a wonderful litany of praise from my girls, "..."Momma, you're such a good momma. You buy us Valentine gifts and make cookies with us and let us roll out the dough and you help me with my work and..."

To think that I would have missed this wonderful, heartfelt exclamation from my daughters had I declined the baking process simply because I did not wake up planning to bake. I'm so glad we did.

Keep talking, honey. Momma's listening. : )


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