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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Full Stomach

Chels came to me Valentine's morning after a failed attempt at finding her favorite "tea time" book. It took me a while to figure out which book she was talking about. It's a cheap K-Mart book with real photos of little girls planning a tea party. I didn't realize she loved this thin paperback book so much. We looked in the net pockets of the vehicle and on the hallway bookshelf. Then I got busy with something and guided her to the small bookshelves in the living room where the older children books are kept.

Later I found her still sitting at that bookshelf...reading. When I checked on her again, she was still sitting at that bookshelf...reading. And later she was still sitting at that bookshelf...reading. She never found the treasured teatime book, but she did a lot of unexpected reading during the search.

She did not let the book's disappearance ruin her plans. She carried out a nice little tea party...invitations, baking, and all.

We baked heart-shaped cookies and the girls decorated them with lots and LOTS of sprinkles. Then Chelsea began putting my Valentine fudge on a plate, and emptying a bag of goldfish crackers onto another plate, and arranging the heart-shaped cookies prettily on another plate. She found a half-full jug of orange punch leftover from the co-op Valentine party, and grabbed some cups. "We're going to have a tea party today," she informed everyone, and busily set up everything on the outside picnic table.

Then she took out her pen and stationery set and preceeded to cut minature tea invitations and write on everyone of them:

Come to my tea party!
From: Chelsea

No time. Just come!

Sitting outside in 80 degree weather, I served myself some extra goldfish crackers. I noticed bits of grass in the plate. I choose to overlook it without comment and continued eating. I love goldfish crackers. : )

On the way back to the house, I stepped over a patch of fallen goldfish crackers---bright orange on a green backdrop. They were scattered so my first impression was correct. The ones on the plate had been salvaged. I don't suppose they tasted any different.


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