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Friday, September 09, 2005

Least We Forget

Time to go to your local library this weekend and pick-up book selections for the Fourth Anniversary of 9-11.

My girls and I discovered another book this week. It is pleasantly suitable for this anniversary day. Sitti's Secrets is poetically written by Naomi Nye and beautifully illustrated by Nancy Carpenter. The pictures entranced my girls through a whole sitting.

It's about a little girl who lives in America, on the other side of the earth from her grandmother Sitti who lives in Palestine. While visiting Sitti, the little girl learns all kinds of different things yet realizes that, even though they don't speak the same language or do things exactly the same, she and her Sitti are very much connected. They just live on different sides of the world.

At book's end, my seven-year-old asked me if the letter the little girl wrote to the President was real and if she had sent it to him following 9-11. I began looking for more information in the book's cover and copyright pages. I did find that the author dedicated the book to her Sitti so there is a good chance the book is based on a real visit; but the copyright date is 1994 so it is not a 9-11 book.

But, if you read it to your children on 9-11, it does in fact become a 9-11 book.


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