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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hocus Pocus ~ It's Magic!

One of my sons read and studied Harry Houdini last year.
The History Channel will be playing a biography of him tonight.

I would normally be excited, but I'm not.
We still don't have cable---post-Hurricane Rita---so we won't get to see the show.

Perhaps...ten years from now it'll be available on DVD at our library.

For now, we'll go to:
PBS for the American Experience ~ the Man Behind the Myth
Study Guide (part of it on Houdini)
Houdini died today ~ October 31, 1926

Surprisingly, for all the connections the media has made with Houdini and the afterlife, he was very sceptical of psychics and mediums. He went so far as to disprove them and expose frauds:

"Ironically, Houdini is often called upon in seances by "psychics", and other charlatans he sought to debunk."


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