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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Down Time

I'm desperately trying to finish up plans for my Mosaic/Good Shepherd program tomorrow. Mark called reminding me that there's a soccer game today and, of course, he's having to work over (he's been working over since Hurricane Rita hit).

And the trash trucks still aren't running consistently every week (it's been two weeks since my can got dumped), so I have to drive around town and look for a discrete dumpster to unload my waste into. I never thought I'd degrade myself to such lowly proportions.

Please pray for me. I'm almost finished with getting the materials ready but I have not rehearsed the presentation. Sometimes you just have to do these things on faith and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you.

What I'm doing on the computer...I have no idea.
Cop-out? Maybe.
Procrastination? Definitely.


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