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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Proud to be an American!

We are a sorry bunch of Americans...and I'm speaking for myself here.

After a month of restricted diets and limited menu-fare due to Hurricane Rita---Popeyes, Burger King, and McDonald's are back to serving a full-order menu---meaning that you can order anything your little red-white-blue heart desires. Imagine the excitment, praise, joyful shouts, and happy clapping that issues from the backseat of a vehicle upon hearing this news.

It was a happy, spoiled moment to sit inside McDonald's restaurant (versus sitting in a mile long line of drive-thru cars) and greedily indulge in a hefty American-sized Big Mac (versus limited Quarter Pounders and Chicken Nuggets).

What a proud, spoiled, self-indulgent moment! We're so proud to be hamburger-loving Americans.


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