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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Something to Smile About

Due to Hurricane Rita at the end of September, I just got around to changing our calendar pages around the house.

These calendars serve as our family's art study each month. The October calendar in the front bathroom exhibits the famous Mona Lisa.

I showed the children the picture yesterday and we discussed the mysterious smile and the wandering eyes which follow you about the room no matter your direction. Everyone experimented with moving to and fro and seeing that her eyes never left us. All of us!

Tonight I heard a disturbance from the bathroom and went to inspect the distress cry. My 8 yr old was covered in sugary-white foam while sitting in a tub of Avon's new Sugar Cookie Biscuit Bubble Bath. An extremely worried look was upon her face.

When asked what was wrong, she solemnly pointed at the Mona Lisa above the bathroom sink. "She won't stop looking at me, Momma. I don't like it."

Ever the logical parent, I reached up to pull the shower curtain closed. That was the most practical solution. Right?

Wrong! A frightened scream stopped the curtain's path. I drew it aside. The idea of a closed curtain with a textured woman on the opposite side was a nightmare waiting to happen.

Seems that we'll be having to take showers in the back bathroom through the month of October. One thing is for sure. Mona Lisa and her magnetic gaze won't ever be forgotten.

Art lesson...successful.


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