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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A,B,C's of a Charlotte Mason Education

A,B,C's of a Charlotte Mason Education

If you sign up at the Charlotte Mason Yahoo eloop, you will receive a list of the A, B, C's of a CM education. You can also read the whole list on this webpage.

Here's a cut and condensed version to whit your interest:

The A - B - C's of Charlotte Mason
(The ABC definitions have been written by a number of cmason members, and may change as different ones are offered.)

A. Is for Art and Ambleside, England, where Charlotte Mason lived and operated her teacher's college

B. Books!

C. Charlotte Mason, Copywork, Curriculum, Composition

D. Dictation, Drill, Discipline, Delight Directed Studies

E. English

F. French and For The Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay (Crossway Books)

G. Geography, Grammar, Goals

H. Habit, History


J. Journal keeping

K. "Inconsistent Kitty" is a famous essay by Charlotte Mason.

L. Languages

M. Masterly Inactivity, Math

N. Narration, Nature and Notebook, as in a Nature Walk or a Nature Notebook

O. The Original Home Schooling Series by Charlotte Mason.

P. The child is a Person, complete, PNEU (Parents' National Educational Union)

Questions are formed in the child's own mind

R. Reading, Religion, Rights of the Child

S. Spelling, Special Needs

T. Twaddle!

U. Unit Studies, Unschooling

V. Vivifies, Vital, and Vibrant!

W. Walk

X. Extracting
information becomes a skill the student learns to do for himself

Y. YES! Say "yes" as often as possible!

Z. Zeal and enthusiasm


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