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This is the place I share book (movie) selections and reviews I have found worth mentioning. I'll also share gleanings of family life, faith, home education, and ongoing writing projects. Book selections will include children's books, books on home education, Catholic books, classics, series, raising children, and books that are made for reading under a shady oak tree with lemonade, in a bubble bath with a latte', or next to a snuggly fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bummer! Double Bummer! Triple Bummer!

In an attempt to find a new look for this blog, I failed to realize that when you republish the whole blog it deletes your pre-existing customization.

All gone...

No use crying over spilt milk or lost blog links, but I sure was upset when I couldn't find my mug of coffee.

So the blog may be goofy looking for awhile as I attempt to straighten out the new one to my satisfaction. Please excuse the disorganization. If I had your blog linked before and it is now missing, please email me at House of Literature. I am slowly trying to remember and find the links I lost.

Happy Blogging.


  • At 10:34 PM, Blogger Love2Learn Mom said…

    My sympathies on the blog customization trouble. I've had a few of those myself. I actually have a couple of private blogs, where I've just recently learned (yes...sight...the hard way) to store my trickiest template(s) just in case I goof it up. I also lost all of my comments on studeo when I switched to Haloscan for comments (I just wanted to be able to let people know when I liked a post enough to link to it - oh well).

    Anyway, I really liked your old list of links. I discovered a few neat sites through it myself. Naturally I wouldn't mind you putting a link to Studeo back up [big wide grin] - but I can't figure out any other ones that you're missing that you haven't already put back up.

    By the way, I do like your new look.

    Thanks and God Bless,



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