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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Under the Oaks

Our small hometown had it's 4th Annual Christmas Under the Oaks this weekend. Tonight was the first night. We took the kids and indulged them in cotton candy (the boys), caramel apples (the girls), good music (Annie and her daddy danced!), and some fun rides (we all rode).

Daddy rode the Ferris Wheel with the girls. I knew better. The guy had that ride going at top speed, so I bowed out. Then, while Daddy took Chels to the swings, he motioned for me to go ride the Dizzy Dragon with Annie.

Sure. No problem. The Dizzy Dragon didn't look that bizarre, that dangerous, or that sickening. So I took her, turned in our tickets, and let Annie pick the dragon she wanted. Pink, of course! There were already three teenagers sitting inside but they politely moved over and allowed us to take our seats around the spinning wheel.
Annie had a blast! She spun the wheel as fast as she could. One of the teenaged girls got sick to her stomach and had to keep her head down. I laughed and bravo-ed Annie with her spinning---all the while taking deep breaths of the cool night air and praying for the worker Tim (I knew this because the girl inside kept screeching his name to "Stop!!!") to stop the ride. The spinning motion in my head was giving my stomach a turn as well.

Mark said I was simply green when I got off the ride. I felt worse than green. I pulled off my jacket and gulped the cool air while trying to get the spinning motion out of my head. Annie made a straight line for the food booth. The smell of popcorn made my stomach twist so I had to back away while Daddy indulged our children who all have steel stomaches. I remembered being a pro at this riding-stuff, not that long ago.

We went to the bandstand where the music and dancing was going on and met our friends there. My friend promptly told me that I was getting too old for such rides.

Yeah, I guess so. But that's what one does when they still have a three year old at home.


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