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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Heart's Desire

I have resorted to reading one of the Junie B. Jones books to Chels. It's the Junie B. Jones is Almost a Flower Girl by Barbara Park.

Chels is a tad upset because she has never been a flower girl. (Junie B. Jones hasn't either). Chels's two older brothers have both been ringbearers (the oldest twice) and her older sister has been a flower girl. So Chels is feeling left out. After all, don't all little girls dream of dressing prettily and walking down the aisle? Most do. I know I did.

It isn't that she wasn't asked to be in a wedding. My brother almost remarried and we were searching for a flower girl dress when the wedding was called off. While I'm glad they had the sense to call off the wedding before they followed through with it, Chels was crestfallen. Poor dear. She desperately wants to be a flower girl. (So does Junie B. Jones).

So this is one time I'm resorting to a mass media book to assure my little girl that not everyone gets asked to fulfill her heart's desire...but it's alright to dream and sigh.

In an attempt to move on and focus on the beautiful and special, we're looking forward to a First Communion celebration next spring. We're already looking at beautiful dresses with bows and pearls and sashes.

Perhaps we'll even take a few practice trips down the aisle. : )


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