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Friday, November 18, 2005

Climbing, Bumping and Bribing

While climbing onto my lap this morning and bumping my coffee-elbow, Annie (my 3 yr old) demanded that I let her play Neopets.

"But this is my computer," I cooed to her sweetly kissing the top of her blond curls.

"No, it's my computer!"

The younger three children really do believe it's their computer.

"Nope. Mommy paid for this. Do you have any money?"

"Yes, I do! In my piggy bank!" And off she trotts to retrieve the little purple flower-accented pig.

There was one plastic play-coin in it. She promptly began to wail that her sister had taken all her money. Since the stopper is missing from the pig's stomach, I have to wonder.

(Before anybody says anything, I'm fully aware that I should take this child and read her a book instead. But I must get ready for co-op, so she wins...for now.)


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