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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Does This Surprise You?

Britney Spears to write children's book.

She'll join the prestigious ranks of:

Spike Lee
Will Smith
Bill Cosby
LeAnn Rimes (does she even have a kid yet???)
Jay Leno
Sarah Ferguson; otherwise known as Fergie
Julie Andrews
Maria Shriver
Katie Couric
Jamie Lee Curtis (whom I have to defend because the kids and I have read some of her children books and we love Where Do Balloons Go)

So, I guess, in brief it comes down to this:
Get Famous First, Then Write Book

One is left to wonder if there is any hope for the average joe. And that's the part of the love affair people have with Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowlings. She wasn't famous before, but she still wrote and published a book. It's a rags to riches story...a typical ...they lived happily ever after... story. People love that sort of thing. That's what people like to read. That's what people like to buy.

Of course, one must remember that book publishing is a business. If a book doesn't make money, forget about it. No one buys it equals no one is interested. Get over yourself already.

Publishers know that these famous icons already have leagues of fans and supporters with money in their pocket ready and willing to buy, buy, buy. This equals putting money in the publisher's pockets...and in the pocket of the copywriters, editors, illustrators, marketing personnel, etc. Everybody has to make a living.

If I missed any famous new children authors, please let me know. For that matter, please post them in the comment box so we'll all be aware of their names.


  • At 2:22 AM, Blogger L. said…

    "What's in a name?"
    Everything, now.
    So much for objectivity!

    The rally is subjectivism!


    Though personally, Rumor Godden rocked...from my own childhood's perspective. That's neither here nor there in terms of "new" but thought to throw it out there for refresher's sake, nonetheless...


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