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Monday, November 28, 2005

Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy

Are you trying to avoid the Christmas crowds by shopping online?
Is your school/co-op group planning an Easter pageant or a May Day celebration for spring?
Is your school or co-op group putting on a play? Is your little girl having a dress-up party for her next birthday?
Is your little boy wanting to be a pirate, captain of a ship, or a speed racer in real life?
Perhaps your son has loftier aspirations and would like to be clone of St. Francis of Assisi or a Benedictine monk.
Is your child planning what he wants to be for the next Halloween or All Saint's Party?
Has your child been imagining that she is truly her latest favorite storybook character?

Then I have got a wonderful place to take you. It's a fairyland where little girls can become Dorothy in Oz or Alice in Wonderland, where little boys can become race car drivers and Captain Hook! Catholics will be thrilled to discover saint costumes available, making preparation for the All Saints Party just a little easier. Let me welcome you to the world of Flights of Fancy, where there is a costume for every child's fancy.

Anyone with a little girl who has been in dance recitals or pageants is well aware of the high price of dresses and costumes that are flimsy, imperfect, and onionskin thin. We are all familiar with the dollar costumes bought at our local discount stores that split and rip after a day's wear and tear. Let me guarantee you---from sight-seen and my own kid-tested experiment at home---costumes from Flights of Fancy will not! I fear that my review cannot do justice to the craftsmanship that created the costumes at Flights of Fancy. This clothing business offers the very best quality in children's costume selections. I have been privy to examine and canvass certain costumes designed and handsewn by creator and business owner (and home educating mother) Debra Fuhrman. I can say--- with no bias---that these enchanting creations are the things that fairy tales and storybooks are made of. They are rich in imagination, lovely in design and texture, and a work of art. These costumes are worthy of being shown on a Hollywood stage, but were made with everyone's child in mind! The delightful creations made at Flights of Fancy are extremely well-made with rich looking materials and trimmings. The sewing is secure and superiorly crafted. These are memories made to last.

Here is a wonderful way for your child to enter a storybook and actually become a storybook character! When you realize that the stitches are made of gold taken from Rumpelstiltskin's lair and each seam is trimmed with the imagination of fanciful fairies and each detail is taken from wispy gauze of a butterfly's wing, you will find these costumes to be quite reasonable. You will not be disappointed.

Flights of Fancy bears this within its mission statement: "Our mission is to bring joy to the hearts of children, smiles to the adults who love them..." Here's a chance to delight your child and make his or her dreams come true. Let your child's imagination soar and the smiles begin. Allow your child to preview the website( ) and request an Imagination Wear Catalog. Let the fun begin.

There are also full-time or part-time opportunities available for mothers interested in starting their own home business as a Flight of Fancy Imagination Consultant. Become a fairy godmother and sprinkle magic wherever you go.


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