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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Miss Drama Queen was reading (and taking) a standard test prep this morning. It was on the famous musician Chopin.

"One day at school the teacher was having a very hard time keeping the pupils quiet. He tried every way and was worn out when this boy went to the piano and began to play, telling a story about robbers. When he reached the part where they went to sleep in the forest, he played softly, ah, how softly! After a while the room became very, very quiet. Suddenly the music ceased. The teacher, who had been listening, charmed, glanced up. All the noisy, restless boys were asleep---yes, every one of them---lulled to sleep by the boy, Frederic Chopin, telling a story at the keys."

Miss Drama Queen looked up at me and asked, "Was he that boring?"

I told her to decide for herself. We are now listening to The Story of Chopin courtesy of VOX Music Masters.

Update: She got all the 'programmed' answers correct, but I think she missed the overall message of the story. That's one of those times you can't just read about the masters; you must listen to them and discern what moves your soul on a personal level.


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