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Friday, December 30, 2005

An Alternative to American Girl

Okay, I know American Girl is shaping up it's act, so this is a little late in the suggestion box, but I thought it worth mentioning.

DQ had Christmas monies to spend so, after a showing of Narnia, we went to Stuffing Zoo at the mall which is the Lake Area equivalent of
Build a Bear, the closest site which is in Katy, Tx.

The girls had such fun picking out their zoo animal, having the eyes properly inserted, having it's litle body filled at the stuffing machine, giving it an imaginary bath in the tub, selecting its clothing, then going through the tough decision of naming their new 'child', and filling out a certified birth certificate on the computer.

Certificate Data (This cuddly friend is very special because I brought it to Life. I promise to always give my best friend a Great Big Hug and a Happy New Home)

Name: Snowflake
Filled with: a sweet heart and snowflakes as white as cottony clouds
Eye Color: Blue
Belongs to: Drama Queen

Then there was the extra ritual of making a wish and placing a tiny guardian angel pin inside the zoo friend's cotton stuffed body.

Was it worth taking little girls to the mall to build a zoo animal? Oh, my, yes! It was totally awesome. The smiles, the delighted giggles, the frilly clothes, the block-sized shoe ware, the bouncing bows, and the wink of a clerk's eye at me as she placed the eyeballs in place and my little girl exhaled, "Ohhh, thank you, Mommy, for bringing us here today. Thank you!"

This is what teddy bears, dreams, and sweet memories are made of.


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