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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas at the Little Blue House

I'd like to direct all Catholic readers to this new Christmas book published by Little Flowers Family Apostolates.

In it you will meet Mama and Papa and all their children who live in the Little Blue House on Magnolia Street that was first written about in Colleen Drippe's first book The Little Blue House.

These books portray a very humble, poor, traditional, large Catholic family. The little blue house is almost an island in an otherwise large, scary world. The books manage to show how the family keeps their faith strong "despite the onslaught of the pagan culture around them."

In this new book, Mama is expecting a new baby and the family is busy preparing for Christmas at the Little Blue House. There is a lovely chapter about St. Lucy.

These are very cozy books. Definitely something you'd want to pick up if you wish to escape the world (sometimes we do...right?). I tend to be a sap when it comes to wholesome, Catholic, large-family stereotypes so these books definitely have a place on my bookshelf. There simply aren't enough books about wholesome, large, Catholic, home educating families out there. One thing the books portray very well is how a large family can make do on one-income and take opportunities to work for their food and still give to those less fortunate. Materialism is not an issue in these books, though it is addressed how the family handles it and how they are content with what God has given them. The illustrations are wonderfully drawn and add a lot to the flavor of the books.

These books are not expensive and they do give children a strong presence of the Catholic faith within one's household. The traditional Catholic practices and celebrations are shown in the books. The author does not ignore the various neighbors and friends that Catholic home educators come into contact with and who question their faith and practices. She addresses all the issues such as Easter time celebrations, Santa Claus, shopping at places where trashy magazines are shown, and many other issues we all face as we strive to lead the good Catholic faith within our homes.

If my memory serves me, I recall the publisher saying something about more "Little Blue House" series being published in the future.

One caveat to mention is that the family only attends the traditional Latin Mass. The references in the first book can easily be edited out, if your family attends the Novus Ordo Mass, as mine does. I have not come across reference to this in the second book Christmas at the Little Blue House. While the books are slightly stricter (and more traditional) than most Catholics are, they still offer good discussion on how to respect other Catholics and why home educators live the way they do.

I believe my children will remember this Catholic family and the little blue house in years to come as something sweet and holy that they should strive to replicate.

There is still time to order, as the Christmas season is not ending; it is only beginning!


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