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Monday, December 05, 2005

Day 3

We went to the city's Christmas Under the Oaks celebration two nights in a row. It was a beautiful celebration of shopping, games, rides, food, live bands.

A wonderful big-screen video presentation was held to show the city during Rita, the evacuation, and the post-Rita clean-up. City officials talked and were recognized. The spirit of Southwest Louisiana shone bright.

Then a fireworks display lit up the night...and sent Chels running to Oma in a state of fear while Annie sat atop her Daddy's shoulder and watched in mesmerized wonder through the eyes of a child. SNOWED!
Yes, in SW Louisiana, we had SNOW! Chopped up styrofoam it was, but still the kids were in reckless abandon to the delightful white fluff pouring from the heaven's (thanks to air blowers).

I'm unsure if it was better than the soap bubbles they used two years ago. The census is still out. At least the bubbles disappeared like snow. The white styrofoam gave a better lasting effect but we are still plucking it out of our hair, underclothes, jackets, and pockets. And today I found pockets of "snow" in my purse; which gave the little girls peals of joyful memories.

We also had a Christmas wedding to go to. It was beautiful. The bridemaids wore Christmas red and the groomsmen had black tuxes with red poinsettia boutonnieres.

The reception was decorated with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree at the door offered wedding guests a drop-off place to set the bridal gifts. Christmas carols played while we ate. It was a very merry occasion for all.

And...yes...the bride was absolutely, radiantly beautiful...


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