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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Redeeming Myself

I spent way too much time goofing off on the computer this morning. By 1:00 PM I was embarrassed to find myself still in my pajamas. Or perhaps I was embarrassed to find that it was already 1:00 P.M. Anyhoo...

Yes, you read that right. And I have no excuse whatsoever, except laziness and twaddliness.

I didn't look as good as this lovely lady, but it's a nice picture; much nicer than the image of me in my pajamas at the computer.

When I finally got a spurt of energy, I decided that schoolwork needed to be finished today so we could begin the Christmas vacation break tomorrow. I still have shopping to finish, gifts to wrap, and a b-day party to pull off.

Perhaps that's the reason I had the lazies this morning. Too much left to finish tends to overwhelm a person, and I'm not good under stress. Basically, I shut down.

So I sprinted the kiddos to crack the books, went over the material with them, and went to shower and dress. But this daily habit takes me past the younger girls' room which I have been dutifully telling myself (and everyone else) that I was going to clean before this weekend. It's Thursday and I hadn't touched it yet. I dreaded it.

The older three children don't have "toys" anymore. It's older stuff, more condensed stuff, and much more expensive stuff. So the little ones' room is the one room that needs to be dejunked every 3 months or so.

I decided that cleaning this room was the best way to redeem myself for my lack of accomplishment this morning.

It had to be done. Had to! Christmas Starr is having a party this Saturday and Christmas is coming. Make haste! Make way...

So I rolled up my pajamas sleeves and began.

I filled a wastebasket and a lawn bag full of broken, ripped, faded, trashy toys and threw away two very old, very faded sleeping bags that belonged to the two older children. Miss Drama Queen and Christmas Starr are getting new ones under the tree.

I also filled a lawn bag with nice, unbroken, un-ripped, unfaded, wonderful toys that were either outgrown or unused. We're stopping at Care/Help this afternoon to drop off the goods, along with some clothes I had Middle Child clear out from his closet earlier this week.

Do I feel redeemed, after wasting half the day in pajamas at the computer? Ya bettcha! I'm still trying to get Miss Drama Queen to finish some school work and waiting on Middle Child to hand in two reports (one on Pearl Harbor---that he began a week ago---and one on what he has learned about the history of the Middle Ages). But I think we'll be done by tonight.

And, yes, I am now showered and dressed like all decent people.
Aren't you proud of me?


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Mary G said…

    We spent the day 1) at the new Narnia movie and 2) watching branches fall off, covered with ice from the ice storm that came through.....

    Sounds like it would have been more fun (and productive) to have stayed in my pj's (but then, itnernet was out till 1 or so, so I STILL wouldn't have gotten much done).

    Blessings, Cay!

  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger Cajun Cay said…

    Oh, Mary! We had an ice storm back in Jan. 1997. We were without electricity for a whole week!

    It's almost unheard of down here. The dc have very fond memories of that week. : )

  • At 12:09 PM, Blogger 2nd grade mom said…

    I have mornings like this too. It's 11 a.m. and what's been accomplished? Then we read a few books, clean the kitchen, tidy the house, document some learning and feel much better.

    Alicia's sister

    (I have been enjoying reading the posts by you friendly and informative ladies in her internet neighborhood. Thanks!)


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