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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

These are the Times that Try Men's Souls

The above quote by Founding Father Thomas Paine is as potent today as it was when written over 200 years ago. A couple of sad notes from today's world:

No Holy See for CBS
5 December 2005

Even the Pope was no match for ABC's Desperate Housewives Sunday night as the racy drama scored a 15.7 rating and a 22 share, to produce the biggest audience for the night and the week.

Sunday night sinners outshine CBS *Pope*

Something I heard on Paul Harvey today and read in my morning paper.

Some Churches Won't be Open Christmas Day by Rachel Zoll (Associated Press), which I can't locate on the web today so I'll share in brief from my morning newspaper:

"This Christmas, no prayers will be said in several mega-churches around the country. Even though the holiday falls this year on a Sunday, when churches normally host thousands for worship, pastors are canceling services, anticipating low attendance on what they call a family day...This is a consumer mentality at work: 'Let's not impose the church on people. Let's not make church in any way inconvenient,' said David Wells, professor of history and systematic theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary...'I think what this does is feed into the individualism that is found throughout American culture, where everyone does their own thing.' "

Ben Witherington writes about it on his blog!

If you can stomach this one:

A mother is hoping to win £250,000 in compensation after her twin daughter survived an abortion four years ago

"The surviving baby, Jayde, is now four. Her mother is claiming the damages for the "financial burden" of her upbringing....On 30 August, 2001, an elective caesarean section was carried out at Perth Royal Infirmary and Jayde was born healthy, weighing 6lb 2oz. Ms Dow's action states: 'As a result of the failed termination the pursuer suffered loss, injury and damage. She suffered distress and anxiety upon the discovery of her continuing pregnancy.' She required to undergo an elective C-section. She suffered pain and discomfort in consequence of surgery. 'She has the financial burden of care, upbringing and aliment of Jayde. She suffers an impediment in her ability to obtain employment in consequence of her care for the child.'... 'I have got a child now that I wasn't planning to have and I believe the hospital should take some responsibility for that,' she said. "

Unbelievable, huh!?


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