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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Seton's 5th Grade Reader

Seton's 5th Grade Reader

If you've ever looked at this book and wondered whether you should purchase it from Seton, I'd like to give you the go-ahead to do so. Before my purchase of it, a friend gave me a rave review and her child confirmed it. I see it listed as a Seton "best-seller" and I can see why.

"Story of Jewish boy and Egyptian boy at the time of the Exodus. Sensitive, unique story. Best Seller. Questions are objective or interpretive, and encourage application to daily Catholic life."

We've used it with two of our children (so far) and it has successfully taught them about the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt. It has tested their reading comprehension and, though in workbook format, has held their attention. They have walked away from the story with more knowledge of Egyptian life and hardships than they had before. They also have greater understanding of the faith which led these two families to follow Moses to the "land of milk and honey". I highly recommend it and suggest that this book can be used for (high level) 3rd grade readers to (low level) 7 th grade readers, depending on the child's degree of comprehension.

Follow Joe and Pepi on their journey, their faith, and their friendship. It's a book that will show your child how to speak in faith about his faith to his friends.


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