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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is it Possible?

I spent 3 hours wrapping gifts last night and I'm still not finished! You see, I have this hang-up that Christmas is for the little ones so I continue to buy for all the new nieces and nephews (now great-nieces and great-nephews) spread far and wide. My dear husband's brothers are all older than he and their children are grown and married and having babies.

Of course, I told myself that I was a one-man show without Martha Stewart's well-paid crew of professionals. Behind a locked bedroom door in limited space with wrapping paper and gift tags and tape and scissors and dozens of bags scattered on the floor and bed, I was tempted---occasionally---to bemoan the holiday commercialism. But then, as I envisioned each face as I wrapped their gift, I remembered what it was all about. It's about love and giving, just as God, through His love for us, sent His only son into the world to give up his life for us.

I may not be getting paid for this, but I do find it rewarding. The gift opening and the gift itself won't last, but the children will remember that they were remembered with love.

Personally I don't find gift-giving expensive. I've realized ---just within the past year actually ---that's it's in the packaging that the true gift is found. You can purchase or make the simplest thing but, if packaged prettily, it emits a warm glow that, when presented to someone, cheers the soul and warms the heart. No matter how small the gift, the receiver---even the youngest child---senses that it was offered with love and thoughtfulness.

The package is like a picture book. It seems to say "Open me! See what's inside. A treasure awaits you. I hope you like me."


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